Enjoy a natural BC holiday at a unique eco B&B and micro eco B&B resort near the spectacular Othello Tunnels
“Green Escapes” Alive Magazine, February, 2008 -- “… a collection of cozy cabins on the Coquihalla River that centres on a philosophy of honouring Mother Earth. Guest are encouraged to slow down to the pace of nature…”

Gentle adventure, unforgettable relaxation, and fine cuisine await you…

…1½ hours from Vancouver, BC, Canada in the stunning mountains of the Pacific Northwest.

Relax, play, eat, sleep…at Kw'o:kw'e:hala eco retreat.…away from the masses on seven forested acres alongside crystal emerald waters of the Coquihalla River…

Located near Hope, BC this wilderness lodge and eco B&B offers eco vacation Bed & Breakfast getaways.

The geographaphic backdrop At Kw'o:kw'e:hala eco vacation retreat B&B provides for stunning scenery alongside the Coquihalla River… and as a neighbour of the breathtaking Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park and Othello Tunnels of the historic Kettle Valley Rail, picture postcard beauty is everywhere.

A “back to basics, live lightly on the earth” eco philosophy is embued in all apects of the eco retreat…a belief that everyone may be enriched by living in an environmentally-friendly way whether at home or away…and this is part of the richness you will find in your eco getaway experience At Kw'o:kw'e:hala eco vacation retreat B&B.

…cabins in the forest, white sandy beach, outdoor natural spa amenities, and optional mouthwatering delicious cuisine made from fresh organic garden ingredients, and more.

…whether you are travelling from afar and are looking for a quality destination vacation to explore the natural wonders of BC, Canada, or if you are travelling from local areas like Vancouver or Seattle…

Explore the retreat B&B:

RelaxOpportunities to relax in nature at and around the Retreat are plentiful. Lay in a riverside hammock, lounge at the beach, or snooze in your Riverside Nest…Languore in natural spa amenities like the wood-fired cedar hot tub, authentic wood-fired Finnish sauna…

Come outside and play! Enjoy physical play in natural surroundings. Opportunities to play range from hiking, cycling, rock-hounding, swimming to bocce, croquet, and bubbles.

Eat Slow food, whole food, organic food, simple food… from really tasty ingredients combined to create culinary delights that are good for you and good for the planet.

Sleep to the lull of the river under the forest canopy in historic eco-friendly cabins with feather beds and line-dried linens. Enjoy the optional Riverside Nest… to lounge or sleep by the river in privacy…

Amenities offered at our wilderness lodge retreat are designed to have a low impact on the earth, and to provide you with balance, comfort, and fulfillment… peaceful, gentle, and away from mass urban stresses.

Explore At Kw'o:kw'e:hala eco vacation retreat B&B:

belvedere: outdoor riverview dining room organic garden riverside patio
belvedere: outdoor riverview dining room   organic garden   riverside patio

The outdoor dining room, or belvedere, provide an outstanding view for dining. It overlooks the river on one side and the forest on the other three sides. A large table, comfortable chairs, and a great view provide the perfect backdrop to ultimate breakfast enjoyment….

The belvedere was constructed from cedar milled at a local homestead mill (from non-old-growth cedar ), by your hosts and our pro carpenter friend, Reg. No permanent foundation leaves a light footprint on the earth.

The organic garden is an important feature at the eco B&B. Not only does it provide the basis for most of our delicious cuisine, it also provides an important link we miss in today's world between man and mother earth. We gain sustenance from tending the garden in the most sustainable way. Each minute spent "working" in the garden provides nourishment for the earth, our tummies, our minds, and our souls.

There really is no way to adequately describe the taste of freshly-harvested produce: incredible mouth-watering flavours of a sun-warmed strawberry, or a just-picked tomatoe eaten like an apple.

A small orchard provides a fine selection of seasonal fruits and berries.

Riverside Retreats. There are many ways to enjoy one of several riverside retreats. Whether sitting on the old cement and brick deck, or right at the water's edge on the natural river rock patio, either provides a serene way to pass time watching the water, the birds, the sky.

library-living room coquihalla riverside eco washrooms
library-living room coquihalla riverside eco washrooms

Library-Living Room features include a comfortable couch and chair, a quiet private dining area, and a library stocked with fiction, non-fiction, and a selection of magazines.

Made from recycled lumber and fir milled on site, its walls are lined with cedar tongue and groove providing a wonderful aroma to the room.

Two central washrooms, each with showers, sinks, and toilets adjoin the library-living room with separate outside private entrances: one for the Forest Cottage and one for the Othello Cottage...they are approximately 60 paces and 80 paces away from the two cabins, respectively. The washroom for the Homestead Cabin, also with a shower, sink, and toilet, is located just outside the cabin door. All the washroom have cedar wood interiors and are well appointed to provide a warm atmosphere.

The two central washrooms are an eco-friendly choice imbedded in our philosophy of living lightly on the earth. Our eco waste system is a state of the art septic field into which all waste water empties. To dig trenches from each cabin to the central system would have scarred the land and destroyed roots necessary to keep the giant trees healthy.

This type of system requires some discipline regarding what enters into it. Therefore, it is respectfully requested that no foreign matter or items be flushed.

We heartily encourage nighttime treks to the central toilet facilities as the moonshadow formed by moonlight bouncing off the river and through the huge trees is like no other place on earth. It would be a shame for anyone to miss the experience. Our inviting forests are also appropriate for a natural nighttime tinkle:)

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September 2009

Western Living

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Vitamin Daily

“…the perfect place to escape your city life stresses for a weekend and get back in touch with nature (sans the crunchiness of camping).”

“Green Peace”
August 2008


Shared Vision Magazine

“If life in the city is winding you up, cut loose with a weekend at Kw’o:kw’e:hala Eco Vacation Retreat.”

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June 2008


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July 2008

The Rough Guide to Canada

“…offers exclusive getaways in restored historic cabins; you could easily kill a few days here, melting in the wood-fired sauna or burning off the gourmet organic meals with a burst of hiking…”

“The Rough Guide to Canada”
July 2007


Alive Magazine

“…cozy cabins on the Coquihalla River… centres on a philosophy of honouring Mother Earth. Guests are encouraged to slow down to the pace of nature…”

“Green Escapes”
Summer '07


Granville Magazine

“…a wood-fired hot tub and traditional Finnish sauna offer languorous moments with little environmental impact.”

“Low-impact luxuries. Ready to go green? Let self-indulgence be your guide.”
Summer '07


The Georgia Straight

“…tantalizing glimpses of the Coquihalla Canyon…”

“Mother Nature Prevails at Coquihalla Canyon”
August 2006


Pilates Style Magazine

“…the area is so stunning it has been the setting for several wilderness movies”

“Escape to Eden”
July/August 2006


Organic Earth Magazine

“This exclusive eco resort is perfect for reconnecting with nature.”

“5 Best Eco Getaways in Canada”
Summer 2006


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Try a Wilderness BC Lodge with a difference. Experience a real Wilderness Eco Lodge here at Kw'o:kw'e:hala. An intimate, active, earthwise, fully-guided wilderness lodge and vacation experience… A cabin in the forest, sandy beach, swimming hole, organic garden, delicious cuisine… Placed next to the breathtaking Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park in Beautiful British Columbia… the Historic Kettle Valley Railway on one side, and the crystal green waters of the Coquihalla River on the other side… Bushwalking (gentle hiking) on historic trails, cycling the gentle Kettle Valley, yoga-on-the-beach… Learning, enrichment, simple living, local history, creative hands & minds, baking bread, chopping firewood, seasonal projects, learning to make Northwest Native art forms… Wood-fired cedar hot tub, authentic Finnish Sauna, cool clear waters of the Coquihalla River…The best part? You are one of only 6 guests to enjoy the experience…away from the masses… Reconnect…recharge…rejuvenate…recreate…rest…relax…at Kw'o:kw'e:hala.. A BC Holiday with a difference - An Eco Travel Vacation in the Beautiful Mountains of BC Wilderness Eco Lodge and Vacation